Titania Fayce

Titania Fayce White Rabbit

Tantalizing Titania 

Trapped in a tiresome trade and mired in a mundane matrimony, a Tee'd off Titania finally decided enough was enough.  In 2018, she slammed the door on her bland life and took that fateful walk into the colorful, sensual, glamorous world of burlesque.

As she peered into The Corsettes' showcase, she became seduced and inspired by their freedom - something she had never experienced in her old life. From that day, she vowed to Take it Off. Once her feet hit the stage for the first time, her new mantra wrote itself: "Life is for the living!"


"She serves fish like no other" - RuPaul Charles

"Bitch stole my voice" - Ariel

"I'm gaga for her Countess" - Evan Peters

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