Oliver Roxoff

Ogle Ollie

Once a promising teenage athlete, his sports career was cut short when his mother dropped a six pack on his instep. Logically, Ollie turned to the only other career a boy with a chiseled physique could pursue: burlesque.

Ollie toured the continent for many years until he was reunited with his old paramour, Derri A. Galore. Derri seized the opportunity to engage Oliver with The Corsettes (if not her boudoir) on a full-time basis.

Scribbled on many a bathroom wall, just above his pager number, is Ollie's calling card: "To knock your socks off, call Oliver Roxoff".


"Maybe this time" - Liza Minelli

"His voice is as golden as his showers" - Ricky Martin

"Ollie's the only guy who's performed in more rest stops than me" - Larry Craig

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