Lily Stitches


Learn About Lily

Our newest member is far from a beginner. Watch our talented Lily blossom in 2018 as she sings and struts her way into your heart.

Lily has been a member of the Tri-State area burlesque scene for 10 years. She has performed at many well known venues, including: The Slipper Room, Webster Hall, Brick City Burlesque, Roxy N Dukes, Shampoo, The Bowery Poetry Club, Sideshows by the Seashore, Union Hall, AnimeNext, Anime Boston, Otakon, The Steampunk World's Fair, and AnimeUSA. Specific shows/troupes include: The NY Pinup Club, Cosplay Burlesque, The White Elephant Burlesque Society, Wassabassco Burlesque, Hypergender and D20 Burlesque. She has been showcased on/in Kotaku, Obvious Winner, Iheartchaos, The Daily Record  (newspaper cover story) and on G4 TV's Women of the Web 2. Lauded for her performances by the likes of Felicia Day and Edgar Wright, it's safe to say Lily is a unique burlesque performer with a wide range of fans. Lily is also a founder of Ink & Paint Club Burlesque and recently headlined the first-ever New Jersey Burlesque Festival.