Derri A. Galore

Deeper into Derri

Derri A Galore was a premier diva, wanted by all the finest opera houses in the world. She was also wanted by most of the composers, the conductors, the entirety of the orchestra pit, and more than a few youthful stagehands.

It was during the European tour for Madame Pulchritude's Holiday that there was a particular incident at the famous La Scala opera house involving Derri, a stagehand, two conductors, and the rather artful and ingenious use of a trombone. The scandal that followed rocked the classical world and Derri found herself quite unable to withstand the constant presence of the paparazzi.

Derri went into seclusion, along with her two favorite stagehands, until she was tracked down by The Corsettes' founder, Regina Monologue. Ms. Monologue's offer of both singing roles and stagehands proved too tempting for Derri, who happily left opera for burlesque. When Regina turned over the reigns, Derri was all too thrilled to grab them. "It was always my dream to run the show," explains Derri. "And I have just the goods to back it up."


"Derri is the greatest caburlesque diva ever!" - Roger Ebert

"She's truly Derr-ific! Say YES!" - Liza Minnelli

"She was so good that I hated her so much..flames..heaving..burning..." - Mrs. White

Deeper into Derri