Lillian Bustle

Lillian Bustle is a burlesque performer, singer, MC, and public speaker/gleeful loudmouth about body love! Her recent TEDx talk, Stripping Away Negative Body Image, sheds light on the positive effect of burlesque and visual diet on self-image, and has been shared by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Recent speaking engagements include SUNY New Paltz and BurlyCon 2015, as a panelist on the Beauty Standards and Burlesque panel.

Although her first burlesque performance was in 2012, she made her nightclub debut at the age of 14 as a singer in a drag show. She's been covered in glitter and boas ever since! Lillian has performed with burlesque shows across the tri-state area such as Rabbit Hole productions, White Elephant Burlesque, and Switch n Play, in venues like Nurse Bettie,Slipper Room, Parkside Lounge and more.

Influenced by body-positive activists like Jes Baker and bodacious women like Bette Midler, Lillian busts through societal boundaries about size and appearance. She hopes to help people of all shapes and sizes celebrate in their own skin and re-define the word "beautiful."

You can hear Lillian on The Body PosCast, a semi-weekly podcast that she co-hosts with actress and YouTuber Liza Poor. Find The Body PosCast on iTunes, podcast apps like Podcast Addict, or online at